Coming straight out of Portland, Amerakin Overdose is a hard hitting band that mixes a melodic blend of clean and dirty vocals accompanied by shredding guitars and thunderous drums. Since hitting the scene in 2010 AOD has been playing the live circuit as much as they could to try and develop a fierce fan base. Well, it has worked for them. The whole “you’ve got to put your product in front of the masses” paid off for them as they achieved that rabid fan base and are climbing that ladder, rung by rung, until they reach the top. In 2015 Amerakin Overdose was invited out on a successful tour with Mushroomhead that allowed the masses across this great land to experience what AOD had to offer. After many great show reviews and people asking for a follow up to their debut self-titled album “Amerikan Overdose,” They answered the call and will be releasing The Great Amerikan Dream on September 30th .

Like any good red-blooded Amerakin album you should lead off with the National Anthem, but of course this Anthem has a bit of that AOD flair. “Red, White , and Black” gets you ready for the event that is The Great American Dream. And what else should follow the Anthem but the title track “The Great Amerikan Dream”? “Is this the land that we wanted” is asked of us by front man Cody Perez and with the current state of things this is a great song that sums everything up. If you have been a fan of Amerakin Overdose for a while you will recognize a trio of songs that they have been playing for a while “C.U.N.T”.,” Medicate”, and ”I, Alone” which is accompanied by a very powerful video detailing physical and drug abuse. Amerakin Overdose also has a very special guest appearing on the track “Letting Go”, Mr. Waylon Reavis of Mushroomhead fame.

Overall The Great Amerakin Dream is a thrill ride from start to finish. It is an album that takes you all over the map from making you thing about what the great American dream actually is, addiction and abuse, and just some straight up sex, drugs and rock and roll.


01 Red, White, & Black
02 The Great Amerakin Dream…
03 Face Down, Ass Up
04 Cyber Superstar
05 I, Alone
06 Medicate
07 Love Like Ecstacy
08 Sober Eyes
09 C.U.N.T.
10 Nothing Remains
11 Letting Go ft. Waylon Reavis (Formerly of Mushroomhead)
12 Revolution
13 Gone away

Link to purchase The Great Amerakin Dream amerakin-dream

Link to “I, Alone” video


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